We are your Connection in India

Without proper training and preparation, business leaders and employees working in a new country can make embarrassing faux pas and detrimental mistakes. In today’s competitive global marketplace, cultural mistakes can lead to lost business opportunities, irreversible relationship damage, lost revenue, and an overall lack of success.

We Can Help You If You’re:

  • Preparing for an Indian assignment
  • Exploring new business opportunities In India
  • Conducting business negotiations in India
  • Traveling India to launch a new product
  • Establishing a call center In India
  • Outsourcing manufacturing operations in India
  • Setting up a new international joint venture in India
  • Buying Property ,Industrial land or investing in India

Expanding your business in India means adding multiple levels of complexity to your existing operations. Cultural differences, currency risk, and seemingly endless and irrational government regulations -- these are just a few of the issues you will have to deal with. Whether you are looking for a full international marketing, finance or business plan, or just need help sorting out your international strategies and operations, we’d like to talk to you about how we can best help you meet your goals.

"With China slowing and providing multiple barriers to entry, and Europe stagnating, there are very few places in the world that provide the opportunities that India does."

Product Sourcing In India

  • Business plans for off-shoring or outsourcing of services, products and manufacturing
  • Determining the best locations for sourcing based on existing supply chains, markets, competitiveness benchmarking, and trade preferences
  • Identifying potential partners and advising on decisions to invest directly or contract with local suppliers, and on how to best structure agreements

Creating a company in India - Corporate Establishment Service:

We cater to the needs of U.S., Canadian and European companies and Investors seeking to set up a company, branch or representative office in India. We provide complete service from help in comparing multiple locations across India and developing business plans, advice on market entry, company set-up plus assistance in locating and working with local and international professionals in tax, finance, shipping and other needed services. Call us Toll Free 1-877-256-4758, you’ll then soon realize that our experience exceeds the rest.

Visit facilitation and Corporate Security during visit:

We can arrange all the travel and security requirements of your high-level business delegation. Meet your plane on arrival, arrange transportation and lodging for your visit, set up meetings with government and business contacts, provide security during your visit if required plus provide any follow-up investigation needs of you and your company. Travel and transportation preparation and arrangement, translation and interpreters, briefings on local social customs and business etiquette. We also routinely work with large group of business executives in India.

E-commerce, Website design and promotions:

NRI Consulting Groups, Inc. is the leader in designing websites and e-business marketing plan development for use in international markets. Our designs reflect our understanding of the history, culture and people of the target countries. Additionally, we are expert in ensuring websites are fully listed on major search engines, and that they gain wide media exposure in the Indian market.

Site Selection, Logistics, Licenses and Permits:

Equipment and operations for manufacturing in India. We regularly work with the major industrial parks, national business promotion agencies and local specialists on site selection, licenses and permits. We therefore can simplify your data collection and help ensure that you are receiving the most accurate information and are not missing key facts or failing to consider important information that can make your project more profitable and more predictable in terms of its success.

On the Ground Support:

We have experienced English-speaking associates on the ground in India. Most of these associates have been working with us for 6-8 years during which they have performed a wide variety of projects with us. This gives you and your company experience, knowledge, a trusted partner and an advantage helping you in all aspects of your new endeavor in Asia.

Due Diligence, Merger and Acquisition, Commercial Credit and status investigations:

Company registration; analysis of corporate history; corporate structure; company background, key person information, information on executives; financial profiles; banking relationships; auditing advisor and controls, operating situation; staff size; range of products; facilities; profiles of subsidiaries and affiliates; current challenges, market capabilities and more.

We have collected advice from a range of India market entry specialists. The key areas to consider are understanding the market, business culture, market entry structures, building your team, finding customers, managing money, legal considerations & incentives and supporting networks. Through our guide to doing business in India we help you understand how to succeed in the Indian market.


Our leadership team brings an extensive network of business and Government contacts in India and a deep understanding of the challenges and excitement of entrepreneurship in this dynamic and fast-growth country.

They are joined by a passionate team of specialists in business, market entry advisory, trade promotion, and public affairs who bring first-hand experience of growing businesses in India.

Our team understands how to navigate India’s complex Government and bureaucracy, and we are able to promote the interests of UK businesses to India’s state and central legislators.

By leveraging our network of contacts at a wide range of Government and non-government organizations, including US and Indian trade associations, we ensure business interests are effectively represented in India.