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How frustrating! When NRI is away from home and conflicts arise at back home with Family members, Friends or with Government agencies for your properties or valuable assets you own.

Sometimes the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to resolve a legal dispute is NOT to go to court. Suing someone can potentially be a slow, costly, and ultimately unsatisfying experience in India. Remember, whenever you go to court and submit your problems to a judge or a jury, there is always the chance you will lose. Not only might you fail to get what you want in the case, you could actually end up owing the other side money!

Mediator’s Strategies

The ultimate goal of the Mediation is for the parties to come to an agreement on a resolution. If the parties are in litigation, the goal is to settle the lawsuit. Generally, the settlement terms are agreed to in principal at the Mediation, and the attorneys prepare the actual settlement agreement after the Mediation has concluded. Strategies a Mediator might utilize during a business Mediation to help the parties reach settlement include:

  • Brainstorming new options
  • Questioning parties regarding the facts, law, interests strengths, and weaknesses of their case and the other party’s case
  • Exploring non-monetary settlement options
  • Conditional demands and offers
  • Backwards bargaining
  • Decision tree analysis
  • Last best demand and offer
  • Best alternative to negotiated settlement
  • Mediator’s Proposal
  • Attorney-only sessions
  • Triangulating the gap
  • Apologies
  • Timing of payments